Leam Lane has a proud and active membership. We have two teams, Aces and Comets, who play in the first and second divisions of the Northumberland Chess League respectively. A big thanks to all members who contributed to the successful 2014-15 season where both teams finished second.

Our current list of members:

Name ECF
JAN 2016
June 2015
Hawkins, Jonathan 259 2554
Walker, David J 218 2300
Tavoularis, Nicholas 211 2156
Solomon, Norman 176 2087
Doyle, Richard
Gara, Kyrill 167
Chandra, Anu 148
 Daglish, Jason 145
 Marsh, John 143
Young, Alan 140
  Forsythe, Robert 137  1790
Stewardson, David 132
Gosztkowski, Lukasz
McGarty, Colin 97
Appleby, John R 89
Price, Alan