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Tata Steel 2016 is on.

Tata Steel 2016, the annual tournament at the Dutch town of Wijk aan Zee, started over the weekend. In action are Carlsen, Giri, Caruana, So, Karjakin, Adams and the young Chinese star Wei Yi.

It’ll be interesting to see how Wei Yi fares in his first elite tournament against the top 10. Also, as we get edge closer to the Candidates tournament in March, we’ll see how preparations are going for Giri, Caruana and Karjakin.

You can follow the live action and video commentary from Yasser Seirawan here. Daniel King is reviewing daily highlights on his youtube channel here.


Qatar Masters Open is on.

Qatar Masters has just started and claims to be the strongest open tournament ever with the likes of Carlsen, Kramnik and Giri in action against upcoming IMs and less active GMs. Another star in the line up is the young and upcoming Chinese GM Wei Yi who at the young age of 16 is already rated ~2730.

There is also an English presence at Qatar in the form of David Howell and young upcoming FM and hopefully soon to be IM Ravi Haria.

The first three rounds have seen some upsets with Carlsen drawing his first game against a mere 2500 GM and Wei Yi losing his first game to another young player. David Howell is doing well with 2.5/3 and Ravi’s performance is on track for an IM norm.

Qatar Masters is the last big tournament of the year and you can follow the live action on Chess24.