The Club

Leam Lane Chess Club is a local chess club with a proud past.

It has a distinguished record in the Northumberland chess league. In recent times, the first team which goes by the name of Leam Lane Aces, has won the league first division on numerous occasions. Not many north east chess clubs can claim having a chess grand master playing on its top board. Leam Lane Aces team until recently comprised of GM Jonathan Hawkins who is currently ranked among the top ten in the UK.

Leam Lane Chess Club in addition to being a dedicated chess club is also a social club. Although some club members take their chess seriously, the club also hosts a regular club night at the Leam Lane Working Mens Club, where it is not an uncommon site to see members combine a pint of beer with a friendly game of chess.

For the chess improvers, which in practice means pretty much everyone, the club offers a large library of chess books. Chess advice and guidance is forthcoming. If there is a specific area of the game which needs a little improvement, the club library is very accessible.

The club is for everyone who wants to play chess. If you are looking for a friendly or a serious game, you’ll find it at Leam Lane.